An Art Community Studying The Masters

A Journey Inside the Masters’ Minds

A community for artists and art lovers, to grow in understanding and technical ability by studying the works of the old masters, and learning some art history in the process.

Who are we?

The Studying The Masters community has been founded as a place for artists and art lovers, as students of the Old Masters to improve in skill and to also encourage learning and growth amongst one another.

This is a community for like-minded individuals with a passion to learn the skills and techniques of the Old Masters and to also learn more about art history in the process.

To learn more about us and our mission, visit our ‘about us‘ section.

How can you take part?

Each week on our social media platforms, we post suggestions of Old Master artworks for you to study and learn from, and then a few days later, we share everyone’s results.

Those weekly study suggestions will also be displayed here on the home page.

We’re now also working on some video content and articles to take deeper dives into this master study process, as well as digging into more art history and some of the stories behind the Old Masters and their artworks.

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